Okays so I took this module out of pure, unadulterated passion for all things philosophical – and what a joyride it has been. I have to admit that most of the time, I’m at a lost as to what Prof Holbo (Holbo – not Hobo) is spouting; but it’s interesting, nonetheless. It’s kinda like when you’re listening to an aboriginal language that sounds quirky (and though you’re so confused) you kind of like being befuddled.


Before I delve into my personal experience, let’s break down the details:

  • Lectures: Every Wed, 4-6pm @ lt9 (FASS)

*chope the back row seats, really; just so Prof Holbo can’t reach you & u get to experience panorama view (and stone)*

  • Tutorial: every fortnightly; mine was 10-12pm, every odd week (there weren’t any even weeks!)

TIP: always check u’ve got the right week; because if you miss it (like i almost did), and discover the classes have passed for that week…well consider yourself roast.

Exam: ABSOLUTELY NONE!! (disclaimer: may seem like a privilege – he also concocts tiny doses of suffrage) in the form of:

  • blog comments (navigating the blog isn’t easy – no, really) because it has sporadic bouts of intellectual wisdom, amassed by the sheer number of seniors who’ve already taken a preclusion/pre-requisite mod before

It can really fuel your inferiority complex; like you always feel lackadaisical in tutorials? Most of what Prof says is like ‘okay, google search’ or like ‘am I in French 1001?’

But it’s a very unique mod because Prof Holbo gives this list of essay questions, by which you choose 6 and it’s really fun!! It follows macro-concepts like ‘Man v Superman’, ‘Fate & Destiny’ etc which are really mind-boggling but legit!

There are also tutorial participation points (by which you really ought to contribute) – when he says ‘contribution’, he means it. Prof Holbo’s mod isn’t simply the kind that you can snooze in because he literally picks off everyone in tutorial. But he’s a really intriguing, passionate prof regardless -and he likes unique answers.

I remember somebody mentioned a psychological anime: ‘Psychopass’ – which was an example of this utopia which is really a pseudo dystopia and I was thinking ‘wow that’s so smart but Prof Holbo’s probably gonna be ??? bcos age gap, and he’s ang moh>.<‘


So yes, the only complains I have about this mod is the sheer workload when it comes to reading off the annotated asterisks (*) that are tested in a bulk of 10-11 books condensed into 8 MCQ questions in lecture.

Imagine a hot, humid, Wed afternoon – you’re just dying to go home, but you have to call on your spirit that’s floated away & board A1 to FASS then proceed to crumble even more when you’re confronted with a bunch of ludicrous mcqs that are literally #mindgames

And then after you’ve submitted that OAS sheet so oh-so-lovingly scribbled in for a span of 10 minutes, you feel relieved to know your answers are right (but still remember the whole week you spent mulling over twisted science fiction books just to get that.one. mark.)

I think the greatest takeaway is to simply lay back and enjoy the mod, do your readings, write with fervour and passion (I did the best at ‘Pitch Frankenstein – a remake’) by which I claimed he had gay tendencies; and Prof Holbo would never have gathered than my research was inspired by BTS stans ❤

So the point is; don’t be afraid to take on ‘intense’ mods – they may be populated by seniors, who’ve got loads to say and argue about. Or you might not have done philo and/or sci fiction ever but that makes you a clean slate. And that, in itself, makes you less mainstream & advantageous.

Brief breakdown of my scores:

  • Essay: out of 5 = 2.5 (x1), 3 (x4), 4 (x1)
  • Quiz: out of 8 = 7 & 8
  • Blog comments ~ idk but I left like 8-10 comments? Just be original & insightful 🙂
  • Tutorial participation: just…try to phrase your inadequacies like scholarly curiosity? and make ignorance sound intelligent??

Overall grade: A- [idk how I even got here; but I’m legit inspired to take a Lvl 2xxx UE philo mod again; fight me on this]


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